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Gain Visibility

Valify categorizes your purchased services vendors across all of your facilities so you have enterprise-wide visibility at your fingertips to better manage your healthcare organization.

Compare Spending Across All Facilities

95% of non-labor spending categorized in < 5 days.

Know Your Spending Better Than Your Vendors

View monthly spending to track trends and issues.

Easy Access to Top Vendors and Categories

One click access to the information you need.

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Identify Savings

Once categorized, Valify identifies savings opportunities within your purchased services spending, so you have a jump start on building out your work plan.

Identify Vendor Consolidation Opportunities

Why use more than 3 vendors for the same service?

Calculate Expected Savings By Category

Quickly set realistic savings targets.

Easily Create Savings Projects

Customize savings projects by category or vendor.

Track Savings

Why do all of that work if it doesn't get implemented? Valify tracks spending by vendor, category and facility so you can increase contract utilization and stop rogue spending.

Identify & Stop Rogue Spending

Easily view all vendors being used by facility and category.

Increase Contract Utilization

Valify flags all local and GPO contracted vendors.

Track Realized Savings Over Time

Use Valify to quantify exactly what you actually saved.

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