Why Valify Solutions Group

Purchasing Power for Purchased Services

A tech-enabled purchased services group purchasing organization, Valify Solutions Group, leverages data-driven market intelligence and $8 billion in contracted spend to generate savings on purchased services that typically averages 10-25 percent – well above what hospitals can achieve on their own.


Unlike other GPOs, Valify Solutions Group does not require members to commit to a pre-defined threshold of spend or to a large number of contracts to access the portfolio. Members can start by selecting a single contract and only access additional contracts where they see value.


Powered by the industry’s leading data categorization technology, Valify Solutions Group compares a health system’s spend data against our contract portfolio to find and report actionable savings opportunities. Valify Solutions Group’s technology uses machine learning algorithms to quickly and accurately categorize a minimum of 95% of all spend for your entire organization. With speed, data accuracy, and a complete picture of spend, Valify Solutions Group saves your organization time and money.

Robust Benchmarks

With the industry’s largest database, over $460 billion in total spend and over 1,400 hospitals across the nation, Valify Solutions Group has the most accurate benchmarking insights available. This breadth and depth of benchmarking data enables our sourcing experts to produce highly competitive rates and contract terms.

Talk with our experts to learn how to realize your savings goals and develop sustainable best practices for your health system's purchased services needs.

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