Freight Management: The Easiest Purchased Services Category to Find Savings


Shipping and receiving are among the fundamental processes of most businesses, and healthcare is no exception. In the healthcare industry, we call shipping and receiving inbound and outbound freight. You might be surprised at how much your health system purchases directly from a vendor (instead of a distributor) and then has it shipped for next day delivery. This is usually due to unexpected surgeries that come up that need special products or it’s from overly cautious buyers who don’t trust that their supply chain department will get them the products they need on time through their normal process.

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Hospital Document Management (Part 3): Scanning

Now that most hospitals have implemented an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System, they are having to increase their scanning capabilities exponentially. It doesn’t make much sense to only have new patient records in your EMR while the rest are in hard copy (you’re not doing this, right?). So how do you get all of those physical documents into your ridiculously expensive EMR? Scanning is your answer.

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Why Hospitals Should Worry About Document Management (Part 1)

Does anybody else remember the big push to go paperless about 10-12 years ago? It’s pretty funny how the entire industry utilizes electronic records now but still goes through about the same amount of paper. This is the first article in a series we’re writing on document management where we’ll discuss some of the best practices in managing all of these documents and share ideas for putting together an RFP that selects a cost-effective and capable vendor.

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