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Valify Acquires Lucro - FAQs


Who is Lucro?

Lucro, a Nashville-based technology company, operates a digital platform created to reinvent the connection between buyers and sellers outside of the healthcare supply chain. Health systems use Lucro to reduce the time and cost to make buying decisions about indirect spend. Lucro matches vendors to healthcare systems that are actively seeking their products or solutions.

Who is Valify?

Valify is the only healthcare cost management company exclusively dedicated to controlling purchased services expense. Valify’s web-based technology platform allows healthcare organizations to quickly identify, benchmark, and manage savings in over 1,200 categories. With proprietary benchmarking analysis, market share insights, and prebuilt category-specific RFP templates, Valify provides a proven comprehensive purchased services solution for organizations to proactively manage expense, increase staff productivity, and realize significant savings.

What is the benefit for providers of these two organizations coming together?

The combination of Valify and Lucro provides healthcare stakeholders with a comprehensive and innovative approach for sourcing technologies and services. Integrating both company’s technology and data platforms expands each organization’s reach to broader categories, creating a higher level of collaboration and resulting in better sourcing outcomes.

Read the press release here.

Will my current subscription change?

There are no immediate changes to anyone’s subscription with Valify or Lucro.

When will I notice enhancements to the Lucro and/or Valify technology platforms?

The Valify and Lucro teams are already working on the integration of the two technology platforms. You can expect to receive monthly updates from Valify regarding our progress and the benefits it brings to you.

Who can I contact to learn more about Valify and Lucro?

Kelley Miller
Director of Marketing, Valify

Jennifer Renshaw
Director of Marketing, Lucro