Behavioral Health: What are you doing for your patients and employees?

Being Proactive about Behavioral Health

Based on our clients’ major initiatives, we’ve seen an increase in employee and patient engagement wellness projects on our platform over the last six months. These projects mainly focus on the physical well-being of a given population, but what about mental health initiatives?

With the high-profile suicides of celebrities such as Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, and Robin Williams, there is increased concern about mental well-being and its role in overall health and wellness. It’s also very likely that we all have been touched personally by suicide: rates are up 25% since 1999, and suicide is now a top 10 cause of death in the United States. While we’re willing to help our loved ones who are struggling, symptoms are often hidden to seem ‘normal’ and avoided to ‘not feel like a burden.’ Furthermore, 54% of suicide victims have no report of prior mental illness. Continue reading

How Do You Distinguish a Vendor from a Partner?

Finding a Partner, Not Just a Vendor


Aligning a vendor with your organization is critical for forming a successful partnership that will ensure your business objectives are met. Depending on your organizational needs, qualifying questions can help you get your list down to better vendor partners earlier, before heading into the full “requirements gathering” phase of your project. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time communicating, evaluating, and showcasing vendors – making your whole process more efficient.

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A Closer Look at Savings in Hospital Waste Management

Hospital waste management is a system more complex than it first seems, involving a complicated group of disposal methods that can increase the burden of healthcare logistics on any organization. When it comes to different types of waste, healthcare facilities must use a strict set of guidelines to dictate the appropriate way to dispose of waste safely and effectively.

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Hospital Document Management (Part 4): Document Shredding

Every hospital is most likely already using a shredding vendor at some level, but did you know that the average document security breach costs organizations $5.85 Million in fees and lost revenue? If you think this can’t happen to your organization, think again. I’m sure this hospital in Georgia didn’t think that their patient records would be blowing across their community after their shredding vendor picked them up either. 

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Hospital Document Management (Part 3): Scanning

Now that most hospitals have implemented an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System, they are having to increase their scanning capabilities exponentially. It doesn’t make much sense to only have new patient records in your EMR while the rest are in hard copy (you’re not doing this, right?). So how do you get all of those physical documents into your ridiculously expensive EMR? Scanning is your answer.

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When to Use a National, Regional, or Local Purchased Services Vendor

One of the key differentiators within purchased services categories is the ability for many of the services to be fulfilled by local, regional, and national vendors. Just think about it, you rarely have this option when sourcing medical/surgical, pharmaceutical, capital equipment and physician preference products, and your choice can have dramatic impacts on both pricing and service quality.

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