Staffing Locum Tenens Webinar

Key Takeaways: Locum Tenens Webinar

Key takeaways from recent webinar on Dialysis coming soon!

A large percentage of a hospitals overall cost structure is comprised of staffing and related payroll. Yet, the outsourced staffing industry does not maintain adequate transparency when it comes to managing costs to the end users, making price assessments difficult for health systems.

Below we’ve compiled the key takeaways from our recent educational webinar in which we provide information for health systems to more easily assess pricing and best practices when evaluating Staffing and Locum Tenens vendors. Read the synopsis below.

Click here to request the full webinar recording.

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Also check out our in-depth articles on Staffing and Locum Tenens for additional background information.

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How Much Are You Paying Your Collection Agency?


While patient health is of primary concern, hospital management can’t overlook the essential business side of running a hospital, which needs every incoming dollar to survive. In 2012 alone, U.S. hospitals provided $45.9 billion in uncompensated care, only 25 percent of which resulted from uninsured patients. Whats more, the average collections recovery rate for hospitals in 2013 was a mere 15.3 percent, according to ACA International.

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Purchased Services: How to Control Rogue Spending


You (or your consultant or GPO) have done all the legwork to save money on a purchased services category, and all of the new contracts are signed. Yet, somehow, the numbers aren’t lining up the way you projected. It turns out that not everyone at your organization ended up jumping on board with the agreed-upon plan. So how can you make sure that identified savings are actually being realized?


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