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Stop Dreading Team Purchasing Decisions

I heard a story last week that instantly took me back to my consulting days. Picture this: a fully staffed Command Center. Upwards of 2,000 support tickets logged; over 1,200 closed. Training support onsite for 300 ambulatory locations. A big bang Go Live that was meticulously built and planned for over a year. All 8,000 providers launched into the black hole of a new electronic medical record system.

It’s a big deal and comes with a big price tag. And it should, right? Digitizing the entire medical record for all of an organization’s patients is a necessary evil in today’s world that has far reaching tendrils that impact all integrations, medical devices, third party vendors, providers (internally and externally), and most importantly – patients. You need to be confident you partnered with the right vendor long before Go Live.

The purchasing needs at our partner health care organizations are vast and varied, and most of them do not involve selling your first born to Judy Faulkner or hiring an army of extra staff. Hold on to your hat – this can really happen:

Finding vendor partners can be easy.

It can be quick.

And it can involve all of the important stakeholders.




Lucro hosts an easy-to-follow process and can literally save your team hours, even months when making a purchasing decision.

Plan your purchasing needs.

Plan your vendor selection projects with your team in one place (Hint: Lucro is the place). Solidify your objective statement and let vendors know what you’re trying to solve. In the meantime, Lucro works for you to find relevant vendors. You can focus on rounding out your team needs, success measures, scope, and budget while we survey the market.

Find vendors to consider.

Lucro works to find relevant vendors for you, but it always helps to double-team research on your end with your team members. Ask your stakeholders, colleagues, do some googling, and ping your innovation teams to make sure you’re considering the right vendors in your evaluation.

We support and encourage multi-round vendor evaluations with groups of stakeholders – so this upfront work of creating a giant vendor pool will help you later. You can use the platform to solicit feedback from internal or external colleagues, and they can simply reply via email or jump in Lucro to see the full conversation and vendors being considered.

Identify the best vendor partner.

You’ll never have to send out an RFP or email a vendor again! Lucro sends out your questions, brings back aggregated responses, and gives you and your stakeholders the ability to score those responses. Lucro does this easily and without any effort on your part, so you get hours back in your week.  

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Then, instantly the automagic happens and the results are ready for you. Feel confident about the diligence that was done and understand immediately which vendors objectively best meet your requirements. You can advance specific vendors, ask more questions, and score more answers. Plus, this beautiful, dynamic report keeps up with you and your team.

View Results Animated

Heck, you can even invite vendors onsite and score their demo LIVE. It all goes into these results. Finally, a team-oriented platform that saves you time and makes you confident about purchasing technology.

See for yourself! Create a free account on the Valify Marketplace start searching healthcare vendors today!