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Valify Co-Presenting at Health Connect Partners’ Hospital Supply Chain 2019 Spring Conference


In addition to sponsoring the 2019 Spring Health Connect Partners Hospital Supply Chain Conference, Valify was chosen to co-present an educational session along with HealthTrust inSight Advisory and Ardent Health System. Raelyn Wilson, Valify’s Director of Client Success, along with Tom Birmingham, Ardent Health Services Director of Purchased Services and Capital Equipment, and Andy Motz, SVP HealthTrust inSight Advisory, will present at HCP on Tuesday, April 30 at 11:00 am. Continue reading

Navigant Average operating margins

5 Healthcare Purchased Services & Supply Chain Predictions for 2019

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The evolution of supply chain management is having a significant impact on the overall success or failure of a hospital. Efficiency, transparency, and quality data will be critical to a health system’s successful 2019 supply chain strategy. Simply following the same trajectory as years past with your existing supply chain isn’t going to provide results in the future and could potentially do some harm. Hospitals and health systems need to transform their supply chains – aiming for best-in-class operations.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics: Are You Prepared?

During the fourth quarter of last year, the annual UPS (as in “What can brown do for you?”) Pain in the (Supply) Chain survey was published. This survey “takes the vitals of the healthcare supply chain around the world, identifies pain points and reveals top strategies of logistics executives at pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies across the world.”

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Supply Chain Leaders: 5 Tips to Maximize Savings in Purchased Services

Most supply chain leaders are being asked to contract for purchased services, but are they up to the task? Although some purchased services categories are easy to understand (medical gas, EVS distribution, etc.), most require a completely different skill set or a unique process that is far removed from traditional materials management projects.

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