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Easily identify, benchmark and track savings in purchased services categories. 


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Valify Purchased Services

Access and leverage the largest database of vendors and categories in the industry. 

Stop crawling in the dark searching for pennies. Turn on the Valify light and simply pick up the dollars all around you.

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Search for Purchased Services Vendors and Categories
Searchable Vendor Database

Easily search and navigate through your vendors and catagories, making meeting prep a breeze.

View all of your Purchased Services Top Vendors
Over 500,000 Vendors

Our industry-leading database ensures that your spend is categorized quickly and reliably. 

Over 900 Purchased Services Savings Categories
900+ Categories

We don't just focus on large categories. Our analytics are engineered to focus on real saving opportunities no matter how subtle.

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“We selected Valify as our strategic purchased services partner because their solution provides visibility at the category level across our entire health system. Their solution will help us identify, build and track our savings opportunities, which we will use to build a pro-active long-term work plan driven by opportunity size and achieve our savings goals.”

- Kathy Capp, Director, Sourcing Strategy
Aurora Health Care
Valify Purchased Services Analytics transforms Accounts Payable data into Savings

Just Upload Your AP Report, P-Cards, Etc.

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It's really that easy! Simply upload your raw accounts payable report, p-card info, and Excel files into Valify and let us show you where your low-hanging fruit is so you can start saving immediately.

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How can you manage what you can't see?  Valify categorizes your purchased services vendors across all of your facilities so you have complete visibility at your fingertips to better manage your business.

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How can you hit your savings goal if you don't know where to start?  Once your spend is categorized, Valify identifies savings opportunities within your purchased services spend, so you have a jump start on building out your work plan. 

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Why do all of that work if it doesn't get implemented?  Valify tracks spending by vendor, category and facility so you can increase contract utilization and stop rogue spending.

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