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Examine and centralize your purchased services

According to the American Hospital Association*, purchased services spend has eclipsed 50% of non-labor costs for many organizations.

Unfortunately, purchased services are a broad category that’s difficult to standardize. Whether it’s IT or facility management, when any purchased services you employ aren’t fully examined, you lose opportunities to:

  • Gain actionable insights
  • Reduce costly redundancies
  • Align teams and save valuable time and effort
  • Increase efficiency across multiple locations
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From easy-to-use tech to a best-in-class contract portfolio, our platform and people will quickly become your go-to purchased services partner.

Gain visibility into the full scope of your purchased services expenses and easily quantify actual savings opportunities.
Identify significant savings opportunities and accelerate cost improvements across multiple categories.
Take control of purchased services categories and realize 10-30% savings across 1400+ categories.
Review terms and conditions, and compare your results against your peers to see where you’re in a strong position and where you need to re-evaluate.
Source local vendors and services, driving economic benefits for your community while diversifying your collection of vendors.
Partner with our team to implement best practices that centralize contracting, identify rogue spending, manage expenses, and save you money.
Access contracts in our preferred supplier network across hundreds of categories, with no membership fee, and maintain the relationship with your existing GPO.

How Valify works

Setting the standard for purchased services performance

Les Popiolek Headshot

Hospitals and the healthcare leaders who guide them are under more pressure than ever before. We built our technology and team to be your complete purchased services solution. We’re here to help you get immediate insights, act on your findings, and do your part in optimizing how you operate and serve the patients who rely on you every day.”

— Les Popiolek, Valify CEO

About Meet the Team

Why Valify

Here at Valify, we use our expense management technology, preferred supplier network, and advisory services to help hospitals combat this costly problem. Our tech quickly categorizes your system’s spend data and aligns opportunities with our contract portfolio of pre-negotiated purchased services contracts.

With us as your purchased services ally, you become more efficient, realize significant savings, and transform purchased services into an aligned program that improves the experience of your people and patients.

We provide robust benchmarks.

With the industry’s largest database, over $1 trillion processed in total categorized spend and over 1,400 hospitals across the nation, we offer the most accurate benchmarking insights available.

Why Valify

We offer full-service capabilities.

From robust data to custom contracting and consulting, we can assist in any area of your purchased services program.

We are 100% focused on healthcare purchased services.

This laser-like focus enables us to offer quick speed to savings opportunities and deeper insights because we know the exact problems and challenges you face.

Achieving peak purchased services performance

When your hospital is operating at peak performance, staff are satisfied and patients receive the very best care. That’s why we encourage our members to reframe how they view purchased services.

It’s not a disconnected group of separate expenses or categories in need of trimming. When managed and maintained properly, purchased services acts as one centralized program built to save money, increase efficiency, fuel sustainability, and better serve your people and community.

Some of our favorite success stories

Better visibility for 45 hospitals across 4 states

Shannon Wheeler

Prior to Valify, our data was siloed which made it difficult to uncover opportunities to standardize our purchased services. They act as an extension of our supply chain team—yielding significant savings.”

— Shannon Wheeler | Mercy Health

Purchased services is no longer the Wild West

Nick Burgess

Historically, it’s been difficult to get vendors tied to a GPO contract. The Valify technology empowers our team to visualize where our spend is going and who it’s with. We have 27 different systems that now have normalized information, enabling us to make better decisions.”

— Nick Burgess | Supply Trust

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