Contrary to common belief…
Yes, you can benchmark purchased services

In-depth analysis includes:

  • Review of terms and conditions to identify: contract status, notice periods, termination language, co-terminous opportunities within the health system
  • Invoice price ranges and averages compared to your contracted prices
  • Review of impact to patient and staff satisfaction
  • Comparison of all of the above to your peer group
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Our Purchase Service Solutions Offerings

Purchased Services Portfolio

Our platform is designed to enable hospitals to identify millions of dollars of savings and accelerate cost improvements.

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Custom Contracting

Valify helps hospitals and IDNs take control of service categories with average savings of 10-30% on over 1400 categories.

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Review of terms and conditions, impact to patient and staff satisfaction and invoices. Then compare results to your peers.

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Aggregated Sourcing Events

Source local vendors and services, and drive economic benefits to the community and diversity vendors.

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Purchased Services Consulting

Best practices for implementing centralized contracting, identifying fragmented and rogue spending, and managing expenses.

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Before Valify, the full view of [my health system’s] purchased services spend data was obscured and very time consuming to extract for reporting and analysis. Valify's software made us realize that we were spending over three times as much as we originally believed on purchased services. Valify makes purchased services spend reporting immediate and is imperative to have a complete view of spend in order for us to fully maximize savings and vendor management efforts.

- Vice President of vendor management at a large IDN in the southeast

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