About Valify

100% Dedicated to Purchased Services

Valify is a healthcare cost management company exclusively dedicated to controlling purchased services expense. Valify’s web-based technology platform allows healthcare organizations to quickly identify, benchmark, and manage savings in over 1,200 categories.

With proprietary benchmarking analysis, market share insights, and prebuilt category-specific RFP templates, Valify provides a proven end-to-end purchased services solution for organizations to proactively manage expense, increase staff productivity, and realize significant savings.

The History of Valify

When Valify launched in 2014, we started with algorithms that categorized spend data fast. Our categories extended far beyond the typical short list of purchased services that a hospital might have worked on five years ago, and we became known for our breadth and depth of purchased services categories - over 1,200! Spend visibility into every purchased service expense is the first, and most important, step to realizing savings.

With a growing client roster, our database became the largest in the industry. Valify launched our CheckPoint and PinPoint Benchmarking tool in 2016, shortly followed by insights from Vendor Market Share data. Increased access to benchmarking data and category-specific templates within our eRFP Sourcing Collaboration Suite has changed the game for healthcare supply chain professionals to proactively work on capturing savings and monitor the results of their cost reduction initiatives.  

Our acquisition of Lucro in 2018 resulted in the Valify Marketplace which has been named to CIO Review’s list of the “50 most promising healthcare solutions of 2019.” This powerful new platform enables both healthcare organizations and vendors to expedite sourcing through the efficient flow of information and communication.

Though we have grown our capabilities since our launch in 2014, our mission hasn’t changed: to help hospitals find and capture savings in purchased services. We have proudly helped hundreds of hospitals add millions in savings to their bottom line.