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When every dollar is accounted for,
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Using our patent-pending technology and machine learning algorithms, Valify categorizes your total non-labor spend.
With the backing of powerful automation, accurate data, and Valify's team of experts, healthcare professionals
have immediate access to insights and identified opportunities.
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Spend Visibility

Gain total spend visibility with Valify’s market-leading Spend Analytics technology. Valify's Spend Analytics automates spend categorization into 1,200+ unique purchased services categories across seven different services lines, providing clients with detailed visibility down to the line item level.
icon_05 95% of the total spend of your entire health system categorized
icon_06 Clearly distinguish which vendors provide outsourced services by each individual facility and department for every category

Purchased Services Assessment

Valify’s Purchased Services Assessment (PSA) allows users to preemptively target categories that will yield the most savings and identify others that will be “quick wins.” The highly customized Purchased Services Assessment leverages four unique data-driven opportunity identification metrics.

Using their PSA, clients can plan initiatives with confidence that they will yield meaningful and predictable savings dollars.

Data-driven opportunity identification
Receive customized top savings opportunities and quick wins including standardization, rogue spending, and ranked benchmark opportunities.
Improve data quality
Valify's PSA identifies all vendors with multiple names, accounts tied to multiple categories, and categories with multiple GL accounts
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Contracts Dashboard



Identify expiring contracts and clearly see action items


Get Proactive

Receive alerts of upcoming expiration dates, find opportunities to make agreements coterminous.


More Visibility

Evaluate on and off-contract spend per category

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Streamline Your Process

Review all of your purchased services contracts in one location