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According to the American Hospital Association*, purchased services spend has eclipsed 50% of non-labor costs for many organizations.

Unfortunately, purchased services are a broad category that’s difficult to standardize. Whether it’s IT or facility management, when any purchased services you employ aren’t fully examined, you lose opportunities to:

  • Gain actionable insights
  • Reduce costly redundancies
  • Align teams and save valuable time and effort
  • Increase efficiency across multiple locations
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Identify significant savings opportunities and accelerate cost improvements across multiple categories.
Take control of purchased services categories and realize 10-30% savings across 1400+ categories.
Review terms and conditions, and compare your results against your peers to see where you’re in a strong position and where you need to re-evaluate.
Source local vendors and services, driving economic benefits for your community while diversifying your collection of vendors.
Partner with our team to implement best practices that centralize contracting, identify rogue spending, manage expenses, and save you money.
Access contracts in our preferred supplier network across hundreds of categories, with no membership fee, and maintain the relationship with your existing GPO.

Group Purchasing Organization in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a dynamic landscape where every dollar saved can significantly contribute to improved patient care. Because of this, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) play a pivotal role because they act as catalysts for change and emerge as strategic allies to optimize the healthcare procurement processes. So, what is a group purchasing organization in healthcare? Simply put, a GPO in healthcare is a collaborative entity that leverages the collective purchasing power of multiple healthcare providers such as hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies to secure favorable contracts for goods and services and realize savings and efficiencies. In this regard, a healthcare GPO literally functions as a collective powerhouse that leverages the combined purchasing power of multiple healthcare entities to secure advantageous contracts for healthcare goods and services. This cooperative approach empowers healthcare organizations so much that they can optimize their procurement processes, negotiate better terms, and ultimately contain costs.

In the healthcare sector, every decision is critical as it directly impacts patient care and, ultimately, patients’ overall well-being. Henceforth, the significance of cost control in the healthcare sector cannot be overstated. This is why GPOs are game changers in the healthcare sector because they completely streamline the procurement process. This results in a remarkable unified platform for healthcare providers to pool their resources and negotiate for the best deals with their contractors and suppliers. This strategy enhances efficiency and enables healthcare institutions to redirect their financial resources towards patient care, research, and infrastructure development—hence, patients’ overall well-being.

GPOs in healthcare are great for cost control. But you need the best GPO to achieve the most benefits; this is where Valify comes in. Valify Group Purchasing Organization employs a tech-enables approach, which has put the organization on the map as a leading player in the GPO landscape. Because of using a teach-enabled approach, Valify is able to leverage data-driven market intelligence and an impressive $8 billion in purchasing volume. This positions Valify as one of the best GPOs in cost containment, generating tangible savings on purchased goods and services in the healthcare sector. It is able to fulfill the true meaning of GPO in healthcare which is to cut controls and foster efficiency.

Benefits Of Group Purchasing Organizations in Healthcare

There are multiple benefits of Group Purchasing Organizations in healthcare which can best be explained as unlocking efficiency for these healthcare organizations. The primary advantage, of course, is cost control. But there is so much more that GPOs do for healthcare organizations, which ultimately contributes to increased operational efficiency. GPOs make it possible and easy for healthcare organizations to engage in successful collaborative negotiations and bulk purchasing. They secure more favorable terms with suppliers, which is how healthcare providers are able to access products and services at reduced costs. This means that they get cost efficiency and time efficiency because these processes save the healthcare organizations so much time that would have otherwise been spent on these collaborative organizations.

Additionally, GPOs help streamline the procurement process of healthcare organizations. They do this by providing healthcare institutions with a centralized platform for managing all their activities, including suppliers’ contracts, negotiations, and purchases. This centralized approach is highly efficient as it ensures that all operations run seamlessly one after the other and even concurrently, saving time and enhancing transparency. With the newly found and guaranteed transparency, healthcare organizations can make more informed decisions about their procurement strategies, further promoting continued procurement efficiency in their future activities.

Healthcare contract management where all these processes lie, is a critical process that is used by hospital contract managers to track critical healthcare processes that ensure the accuracy and compliance of all contracts within a healthcare organization. These involve keeping track of important details such as dates and milestones, deliverables, and opt-out/negotiation windows. The fact that these processes are this long is exactly why healthcare organizations GPOs for procurement so that at least that process can be easier and more efficient.

All this talk about acquired efficiency for healthcare organizations using GPOs sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, all GPOs do not offer the same efficiency level or even cost control in healthcare, which is the primary purpose of using GPOs. Fortunately, many do, and Valify, in particular, stands out in its ability to automate the discovery of opportunities and track performance, which results in top-tier efficiency in the procurement process of healthcare organizations. By leveraging both SaaS analytics and benchmarking tools, Valify enables healthcare teams to automate their manual data aggregation, which not only helps in cost controls but also saves healthcare organizations time and upholds efficiency.

Valify also offers another benefit to the healthcare sector, reducing waste, which further adds to the efficiency of GPO for contracts in healthcare. Hospitals and health systems waste millions annually on purchased goods and services. When Valify comes in, it streamlines its procurement process with its contract portfolio—the most extensive pre-negotiated purchased services contract portfolio in the GPO industry— making this problem a thing of the past for Valify customers. This means that it completely streamlines contract negotiation in the procurement process which is the most time-consuming of all processes. It is also one of the most important processes because it is the one which helps healthcare institutions get the best bargains on purchased services, literally resulting in cost control in healthcare. Valify even has an excellent reputation where, together with HealthTrust, they launched the industry’s first purchased services GPO to help hospitals rapidly reduce their costs within their challenging spend categories. This ultimately helped them cut down on the millions of dollars they wasted annually on these categories, which again speaks highly of Valify.

Top GPOs In Healthcare

Selecting the group purchasing organization in healthcare determines how much a healthcare organization benefits from the entire experience of using GPOs. The GPO industry, just like any other industry, has various top players who are known due to their reputation for quality products and services. These include HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG), Vizient, and Premier Inc. These top GPOs in healthcare are known due to their benefits and reputations, but unfortunately, they all have their drawbacks, which could make them not suitable for different healthcare organizations. Therefore, healthcare organizations aiming to optimize their procurement processes must get a GPO compatible with their organizational size, culture, and mission, among other essential factors. Thus, healthcare organizations should vet potential GPOs to work with and evaluate them on various factors such as reputation, purchasing volume, and industry expertise. They should choose among the top healthcare GPOs as they will likely make the right partners for their needs. This will guarantee that each healthcare organization gets a GPO that is compatible with them to get the most efficiency and cost savings. However, to avoid all that process, healthcare organizations can use the best GPO, Valify, which has over $8 billion in purchasing volume and extensive experience in the healthcare sector. Valify has been recognized by Data Magazine as one of the 101 Most Innovative Analytics Startups & Companies (Texas) due to its unique ability to optimize value in purchased services.

Therefore, Valify is great in what it does and has a reputation for protecting, making it the ultimate GPO—the ideal solution.

No healthcare organization is too simple or too complex for Valify to handle. In addition to its remarkable purchasing power, Valify offers a range of services tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations at different levels. Valify prides itself on technology that enables the GPO to categorize healthcare systems quickly and spend data and the ability to align opportunities with their contract portfolio—which they again say is the most extensive pre-negotiated purchased services contract portfolio in the GPO industry. What Valify offers healthcare organizations is value, that they could not possibly get from any other GPO. Valify offers structure and resources, due to its vast technology, skills, and expertise. Also, it offers great delivery of all its purchase services both through quality and efficiency. Valify provides a comprehensive suite of tools to drive tangible savings to the bottom line in weeks rather than months, from cost reduction solutions and spend analytics to immediate insights and sustainable savings tracking. Also, there is the amazing fact that Valify helps healthcare organisations to develop grow, and develop due to its many procurement process strategies that save these organizations money which they can then use for growth and development. Therefore, the impact of a healthcare organization’s partnership with Valify will be clear and evident in the physical and management aspects of the organization even in the future.

The healthcare sector today is constantly evolving. So much that every dollar saved can significantly contribute to improved patient care—which is the ultimate goal of healthcare organizations. In this regard, Group Purchasing Organizations stand as beacons of efficiency and cost containment in the healthcare sector as they help to streamline all their procurement activities to achieve these fantastic results. In fact, it is arguably true that for any healthcare organization such as hospitals and nursing homes to be able to offer the best patient care, they must partner with a GPO to help them with cost control. This way, they can direct all the money they save on procurement and purchase services into providing better healthcare for their patients. However, choosing a GPO is critical to healthcare organizations as they need the best GPO to attain the best results, and Valify is the best. Valify employs a tech-enabled approach—unlike other GPOs—which exemplifies its transformative power as a GPO in healthcare procurement. A tech-enabled approach enables Valify to leverage data-driven market intelligence and a collaborative platform. This empowers healthcare organizations to redirect their resources toward what matters most – providing exceptional patient care. Henceforth, in the vast landscape of Group Purchasing Organizations Healthcare, Valify emerges as a leader with the power to drive tangible savings and transform how healthcare organizations approach procurement through unmatched efficiency.

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