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According to the American Hospital Association*, purchased services spend has eclipsed 50% of non-labor costs for many organizations.

Unfortunately, purchased services are a broad category that’s difficult to standardize. Whether it’s IT or facility management, when any purchased services you employ aren’t fully examined, you lose opportunities to:

  • Gain actionable insights
  • Reduce costly redundancies
  • Align teams and save valuable time and effort
  • Increase efficiency across multiple locations
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Linen and Laundry Services in Hospitals

Hygiene and patient well-being go hand-in-hand in a healthcare environment, and nowhere is that more evident than with linen and laundry services in hospitals. These seemingly mundane tasks actually have maximum import, as they safeguard patients from infections and ensure their comfort during their vulnerable stay.

Hospital laundry service is so essential that the CDC has guidelines on the topic. According to the agency, proper linen management reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), improving patient safety and outcomes. The CDC also contends that soft, clean linens contribute to a positive patient experience, promoting relaxation and recovery. There’s also a subliminal component to clean and comfortable linens, as visible cleanliness fosters trust in the hospital’s commitment to hygiene, reducing patient anxiety.

But have you ever considered what goes into linen policy for hospitals? A well-managed policy covers multiple types of linen in hospital use. From bed sheets and towels to surgical gowns and drapes. Managing this vast inventory efficiently requires a balance between:

  • Adequate supply: Enough clean linen must be readily available to cater to patient needs and maintain hygiene standards.
  • Cost-effectivenes: Hospitals constantly strive to optimize linen usage and laundry processes to minimize costs.
  • Infection control: Linen must be laundered meticulously to eliminate pathogens and prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Failure to maintain one aspect in this delicate balance can derail the other two facets The best healthcare laundry services also address linen replacement schedules, damaged linen management, and staff training on proper handling procedures. Linen management in hospital settings also has to cover multiple categories, including:

  • Patient linen: Bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, gowns, towels, washcloths, and bath mats directly contact patients and require frequent laundering.
  • Surgical linen: Sterile drapes, gowns, and instrument covers used in operating rooms demand rigorous cleaning and sterilization procedures.
  • Staff linen: Scrubs, uniforms, and laboratory coats worn by healthcare personnel need regular laundering to maintain hygiene and professional appearance.
  • Miscellaneous linen: Towels, tablecloths, mops, and cleaning cloths used in various hospital departments must also be hygienically maintained.

Even though linen and laundry services are often taken for granted, they are actually essential for patient care and comfort. These services play a vital role in promoting patient well-being and safeguarding public health by ensuring a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. Investing in efficient linen management and partnering with reliable healthcare laundry providers is not just a logistical necessity but a vital step toward achieving optimal patient care in hospitals.

As any experienced hospital administrator will tell you, clean and hygienic linen is not a luxury but a fundamental requirement in hospitals. By prioritizing proper linen management and laundry services, hospitals can create safer, more comfortable environments for their patients, while allowing hospital staff to focus on healing and recovery.

The Types of Laundry Services in Hospitals

Hospital laundry service is rarely, if ever, a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The different types of laundry services in hospital settings will vary, depending on the specialties of the facility and the needs of the patient population. But at a high level, regardless of the facility, the two types of laundry services in hospitals are on-site laundry and outsourcing to healthcare laundry providers.

Most hospitals (and other large-scale healthcare organizations) will use a mix of the two types of services. The utmost importance of laundry services in hospital settings means that both types are utilized when appropriate for maximum patient care and comfort. In either on-site or outsourced services, the guidelines for laundry in healthcare facilities remain much the same, but each approach serves a different need.

For instance, on-site laundries employ dedicated in-house staff and specialized equipment to meet the hospital’s unique needs. While offering greater control and potentially faster turnaround times, on-site laundries can require significant investment in infrastructure and staff training.

On the other hand, outsourcing to healthcare laundry providers involves partnering with external companies specializing in hospital linen cleaning. They boast the necessary infrastructure, technology, and expertise to efficiently handle demanding requirements, potentially offering cost benefits and freeing hospital resources.

No matter which approach is taken, optimal hospital laundry service requires following some standard practices. Among the guidelines for laundry in healthcare facilities are:

  • Following linen policies: Clear policies outlining linen usage, collection, sorting, and handling procedures safeguard hygiene and optimize inventory management.
  • Adherence to regulations: Regulations set by organizations like the CDC and the Association for Linen, Textiles, and Care (ALTC) ensure standardized cleaning protocols and infection prevention practices.
  • Utilizing technology: Modern laundry equipment features innovative features like automated sorting, dosage control, and water and energy-saving technologies, promoting efficiency and sustainability.
  • Investing in training: Staff responsible for handling linen, both in-house and at external providers, require comprehensive training on proper procedures and adherence to hygiene protocols.

By prioritizing effective hospital laundry service, healthcare facilities see an improvement in hygiene practices. This leads to fewer infections, enhancing patient safety and reducing healthcare costs. Clean, comfortable linens lead to a positive patient experience with higher satisfaction levels. Staff responds positively, too. Freshly laundered uniforms and spotless work environments contribute to staff well-being and morale, boosting productivity and engagement.

From an administrative perspective, efficient laundry practices can minimize linen replacement rates and energy consumption, leading to potential cost savings. But how do you know if your hospital spends too much on laundry care to reap these benefits? Without a significant cost-benefit analysis, it can be difficult to know. But one surefire way to have confidence in your hospital laundry service is to work with a procurement partner that uses their considerable purchasing power for your healthcare organization’s benefit.

Linen Management in Hospitals

Navigating the complexities of hospital linen management, particularly in today’s cost-conscious healthcare landscape, can seem like a daunting concerto. That’s where Valify, our healthcare cost management solution, comes into play, ensuring hospital linen services are optimized for efficiency—and maximum savings.

As many procurement departments have found out, balancing the needs of hospital linen services with budgetary constraints can be a delicate tightrope walk. Hospitals grapple with adherence to stringent hospital laundry standards and infection control protocols, all while keeping costs under control. Here’s a common conundrum: Replacing soiled linen too frequently can lead to unnecessary expenditure while compromising on quality jeopardizes patient well-being and reputation. Trying to find the best solution can be a puzzle, one that demands a holistic approach. Fortunately, this challenge is one that the Valify platform managed successfully.

At Valify, we help hospitals transcend the limitations of traditional cost management approaches through using our significant purchasing power. The Valify cost management solution brings together a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically tailored to healthcare organizations and their recurring expenses. That includes hospital linen and laundry needs.

Here are just some of the ways Valify can help optimize linen management in hospitals:

  • Vendor management: Valify acts as a skilled negotiator, leveraging its market expertise and aggregated volume to secure the most competitive contracts from hospital linen service providers. By comparing various proposals and identifying the best value proposition, Valify ensures optimal pricing without compromising on quality or service standards.
  • Inventory optimization: Valify analyzes historical data and current utilization patterns to identify areas for linen optimization. This might involve streamlining linen types, adjusting par levels, and implementing usage tracking systems. Valify reduces laundry processing costs and optimizes linen lifecycle management by minimizing unnecessary inventory and ensuring efficient allocation.
  • Process streamlining: Valify audits of existing laundry processes, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. This could involve optimizing laundry schedules, reducing transport costs, and implementing linen sorting and distribution automation. Valify minimizes operational costs and improves overall laundry service efficiency by streamlining workflows.
  • Data-driven insights: Valify provides real-time and historical data on linen usage, costs, and service performance. This comprehensive dashboard empowers hospitals to make informed decisions, track progress toward cost-saving goals, and identify areas for further improvement. Valify fosters data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement by offering clear visibility and actionable insights.

With the Valify cost management solution, hospitals enjoy enhanced financial sustainability. Lower laundry costs directly translate to improved financial health, allowing for better resource allocation and freeing up revenue for patient care and critical equipment upgrades. No corners are cut in pursuit of these savings, however. Valify ensures cost savings never come at the expense of hospital laundry standards. Our commitment to vendor qualification and adherence to industry guidelines guarantees the continued delivery of clean, safe linens.

Using our considerable purchasing power, Valify clients also enjoy streamlined processes and optimized inventory management. This frees up valuable resources, allowing hospital staff to focus on patient care. Access to real-time data empowers hospitals to continuously evaluate and refine their linen and laundry strategies, promoting long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Valify offers substantial cost savings to hospitals and other healthcare organizations in the complex world of hospital linen and laundry management. And every Valify member can rest assured that patient well-being and efficiency drive every purchasing decision.

By choosing Valify, hospitals can confidently step onto the stage, knowing they’ll deliver a flawless performance where financial sustainability resonates alongside the undeniable importance of top-notch linen and laundry services. With Valify’s cost-saving solutions, your organization can leverage the largest market intelligence platform available. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Valify member today, please contact us to let us know how we can help reduce the cost of purchased services at your hospital.

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